About us

We are a company that brings together tour guides and leaders who are regularly licensed and resident in several towns of the Provinces of Latina and Frosinone.

As founders of the company we have been present in the area for over twenty years, developping contacts with different types of visitors and a deep knowledge of our historical and cultural heritage.

Our goal is to share with our visitors the beauty, history, traditions and culture of our land and enhance their travel experience with unforgettable moments.

The knowledge of the territory, our professionalism,

love for our land are the winning cards,

those that for years have rewarded us in our work.

Centro Guide Turistiche

How we can help you

We offer guided tours in Italian, English, German and French language. Our itineraries range from Archeology to religious tourism, passing through nature trekking and experiences of local identity.

All the itineraries are customized according to the different types of travelers: schools, organized groups, cruise passengers, foreign tourists, families and individual visitors.

All our itineraries are customized and include history, culture, scenic wonders and secrets of Ulysses Coast and Pontine Islands.

Where we are

Our company is based in Gaeta which is also an excellent starting point for visiting Sperlonga and Terracina. From this area it is also possible to take ships for Ponza and Ventotene .

We can take you on guided tours to discover the Pontine Plain , which also includes the Circeo National Park and Sabaudia or in the hilly villages.

The itineraries can be enriched, thanks to the proximity to the Province of Frosinone, with guided tours of the Abbey of Montecassino.

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