The Villages

An incredible landscape is ready for you around the Province of Latina.

Gardens, castles, cyclopean walls and shops are waiting for you to enrich your experience. Some villages are out of the classic tours and this is the reason why they are more attractive.

Itri and Fondi

Our tour guides can lead you to Itri, a village famous for the cultivation of the olive of Gaeta. Here you can enjoy extra virgin olive oil and admire the Medieval Castle.

Surrounded by nature, the centre of Itri is a maze of alleys where you can hear the memories of Frà Diavolo, the brigant who lived into the woods of Aurunci Mountains. The silent Regional Park of Aurunci Mountains leads to the path of the ancient Appian Road, very impressive for the mixture of history and wild nature.


Not so far is Fondi, the city where the Western Schism was born as evidenced by the ancient Church of St. Peter.

Our guides can lead you on a visit to the Prince’s Palace and on a suggestive walk on Corso Appio Claudio with a view of the Baronial Castle.

Before leaving the city, you cannot miss a visit to the Jewish Quarter. Judea, as it is called, is a place where our tour guides can introduce you to the secrets of the city and where the traditional Jewish architectural structure is evident in which the streets all converge towards the Synagogue.



If you love Middle Age, Sermoneta can become your home-town.

The village is surrounded by mountains and faces the valley of the nightingale where is the wonderful Garden of Ninfa. Still closed by its walls, Sermoneta presents itself with its stone houses, ramparts, gates and churches, ready to take you back to the era of battles and sieges, of ladies and knights.

Among the towers and spiers of the castle, walkways and halls that echo the splendor of the grand court dances, the Caetani Castle is a destination that cannot be forgotten.



Also in the north of the Province is the Borgo di Fossanova, in Priverno, and it is an opportunity for a real journey through time.

Entering the Borgo with your tour guide you will suddenly find yourself catapulted into the Middle Ages. Fossanova Abbey is the oldest example of Gothic-Cistercian art in Italy and, together with the Abbeys of Casamari and Valvisciolo, one of its highest expressions.


Lead by your guide, you can also visit the cloister, the chapter house, the refectory and the room where St. Thomas Aquinas died. Leaving the Abbey, do not miss the opportunity to enter the small bakery shop: to find it, just follow the scent of freshly baked cookies!

Contact us to receive a classic or custom itinerary for your tour in Lower Lazio and in the Province of Latina: the Villages, combined with the maritime cities of the coast, are waiting for you for amazing experiences!