Pontine Islands

Palmarola is among the most beautiful of the land on the planet: this was said by Folco Quilici. And the same goes for all the islands that are part of the Pontine archipelago.

The two main islands, Ponza and Ventotene, are sisters but not twins: the rock of Ponza is very colorful and tormented, while the rock of Ventotene lies quietly on the sea. With our tour guides you will discover their history: in different historical moments they have been places of relegation and punishment.


Today Ponza is an explosion of colors: from the rocks to the houses, to the sea, depending on the place and the light, the island takes on different shades. With our guides, you can discover the shapes that the rocks have taken and reach the various municipalities of the island to admire every glimpse and reveal their history, which starts from Roman times, as shown by the Pilate’s Caves.


If you love walking, even in Ponza there is no shortage of opportunities to go on a guided trekking excursion into the broom and Mediterranean nature, to be completed with a tasty grilled fish in one of the many restaurants on the island.
Obviously, an island like Ponza can only give its best when viewed from the sea: this is why we can also organize guided boat tours around the island or to the wonderful Palmarola to admire the natural cathedral.



Our archipelago also includes the island “that holds the wind”, Ventotene. Smaller than Ponza, it is easy to explore with a guided walking tour that embraces beauty, history and nature: from Villa Giulia to the Cistern of the Prisoners passing through the places where the Ventotene Manifesto, the first document of United Europe, was born.

And take the opportunity to visit the nearby isle of Santo Stefano!

Ventotene – Santo Stefano

If you like sea, sun and beauty, the Pontine Islands are the perfect place for your tour. Contact us to find out about the guided itineraries, the means to reach the islands, for a no-obligation quote to discover the archipelago with your group.